In the universe, there is something interesting if we see the detail. Something that until this time there is no opponent that is speed of light. There is no technology that created man can penetrate speed of light. The most powerful tool ever created man as the ultrasonic plane can only go through speed of sound. That it is still very far from the speed of light. From the results of this calculation for the light speed in standard media space is a physical constant defined as 299,792,458 meters per second. While for the speed of sound at an altitude of sea water, with a temperature of 21 ° C and normal atmosphere conditions, speed of sound is 344 m / sec (1238 km / hr).

The result of the calculation from speed of light is a part of of Special Relativity declared by Einstein (1905): “The velocity c of light in vacuum is the same in all inertial frames of reference in all directions and depend neither on the velocity of the source nor on the velocity of the observer”. Einstein’s theory of special relativity says that the speed of light in vacuum is always measured the same (at 299,792.458 km/s) however this is only true locally for systems that are inertial, which means not accelerating.” (, 2009)

To get the speed of light calculation, Eistein using the formula E = mc2. E = mc2 in the science of physics is a formula that is known good and important, which explains the value of equality between the energy (E) and mass (m), which is directly through the rate constant light square in the vacuum cleaner (c 2)
E = mc 2 ,
of which:
* E = energy (J)
* M = mass (kg)
* C = speed of light (m.s-1)
The c 2 value 89.88 PJ / kg = Mt 21:48 TNT per kg = 149.3 PJ / u = 931.5 MeV / u. If the energy is in the equation above is the silent energy, the mass is also related to the silent mass or mass invarian. (, 2009).

Albert Einstein reduce this formula is based on research in 1905 on the behavior of objects that move with the pace fast approaching light. Conclusions are drawn from this observation is that a mass object is actually a measure of the energy of the womb. Instead, equality is a hint that all the energy that exists in a closed system still affects the mass of the system.

As for example how quickly light speed, light from the sun to reach the surface of the earth take about 8 minutes. In fact the distance to the earth around the sun 149,680,000 km or equal to 93,026,724 miles. This means that light that we enjoy the sun at this time the sun is 8 light minutes ago. So that if at any time the sun no longer shines, we can still enjoy the light for about 8 minutes ahead.

bY : kusuma eka saputra

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~ oleh Kusuma Eka Saputra pada November 15, 2009.

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